Types Of Saws


A circular saw or buzz saw is a kind of device that’s used to cut wood, metal, plastic and so on. This tool comes in different varieties and it includes different uses and features. These devices also include a metal blade with an edge that can cut through materials. These saws also include a discs that spins so fast to cut the materials.

It’s known to be among the most used and at the same time, versatile tools. These said devices are used in an effort to cut through different kinds of woods. It may be used to crosscut and rip materials effortlessly. The two basic kinds of saws are the worm-drive and sidewinder saws. These power tools are also available in both cordless and corded variants.


It’s one of the very common options for most construction workers. It’s otherwise called as traditional or inline saws. It has a lightweight design since the motor is perpendicular to the blade. This tool is very powerful and it could be used for most of the woodcutting jobs.

Worm Drive

This is used by majority of the professional carpenters as it is capable of cutting through studs and plywood without problems. The tool is pretty powerful as it can even cut through wet timber and concrete. Worm drive saw however is heavier in comparison to other kinds of saw, which makes it a little bit daunting to hold as well. For more info about saw, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chainsaw.


There are some corded saws which may be used for extended period of time and offering more torque however, it will restrict you to where you can use it as it needs a power source before operating it.


These are basically the portable versions of saws which may be easily used without needing to drag long cords. The thing is, it has to be charged every now and then for you to use it for extended period of time.

These devices at this site may be used for wide varieties of purposes as it’s available in different shapes and sizes. It may be used to cut wood, cement and so on. It is essential to pick only the right type of blades since there are various kinds of blades that are made for specific purposes. For instance, there are carbide tipped and steel blades which can be purchased from a reputable online store at reasonable price. Steel blades are used widely and it’s very cost effective but, there’s a tendency for it to become dull in a short time. Therefore, it has to be sharpened on a regular basis. Carbide tipped blades are on the higher end of spectrum but it’s extremely durable. Much like steel blades, they’re easily accessible to various online stores at reasonable prices.